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Have an interest in dipping your toes into some burlesque and live in the northen Puget Sound? I am coming to the Bellingham Sex Positive Center to teach an intro to burlesque workshop for all genders, Burlesque with Miss Violet DeVille at the BSPC on September 21st. This 3 hour workshop begins at 1pm. There are 20 tickets available at $20 from Brown Paper Tickets.


With a rich history dating back to the 1800s, burlesque performers having been entertaining and enticing crowds with bawdy, alluring, and even comedic all while exciting and arousing them through the art of the tease. In this workshop for all bodies and genders we’ll explore some of the history of the risque art and some of the forms it’s taken over the years and why some reasons people do burlesque. We’ll do some tease and movement, we’ll examine costuming for deconstruction, using props for reveals, and more. By the end of the 3 hours you will have a basic introduction to burlesque and you’ll go home with resources to go further.

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Here are all of the cards. I will be sending them to the printer on Friday. :)

Here they are... )
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So I had words for almost every letter of the alphabet except for "J". And then I found the WOWModelViewer and went looking through the models and discovered that Jade is a dragon. :D I even went further and found good images for the other 25 letters and I was able to use the model viewer to take a high resolution screen capture of the rendered model. By "high resolution" I mean 4000 x 2753, so the models should look fine when printed. As a consequence, all of the models are now on white backgrounds because in game backgrounds would be very blocky in comparison.

The final list... )
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I've spit out of a couple of cards already. Q is for quest. )
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I got to thinking today that with the Girly Girl's obsession with World of Warcraft that I could harness this for educational purposes.

So I am putting together 5x7 cards (because they are cheap to print) of the ABC's of Azeroth. I'm looking to brain storm words to use along with images.

Wanna help? Either with words or images? I'm sure you'll make a little gamer girl happy. :)

Here's what we have already )

List updated: 8:48 pm PST 2/10/2008
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...and I have to say I am both proud and frustrated.

I am proud over the way he has improved over the year, most notably with his writing. A year ago, his writing was mediocre at best. Lots of unconventional formatting and gimmicks to get his point across and his papers were not that readable.

Today, his teacher showed me his Freshman Project that he's working on, which is still definitely a draft, but the improvement to his skills are easily visible none the less. The first paragraph was easy to read; it flowed well, and had a very distinctive voice to it. Certainly, the teacher had marked up his paper something fierce, but it was far above where he had been.

The frustration comes from the continued lack of effort on his part for learning the boring, rote skills of math, and by that, I mean the fact he doesn't do his homework. *sigh*

It is a work in progress and progress is happening, but I know he can do so much more.
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I think I might have.

Previous arguments and discussions to get the Boy to do his math homework has been fraught with failures like bodies lying along the road. Being able to do cool things like going to Nero/Alliance? Nada. Offering to pay for said events? Nope, that didn't work either. Being able graduate from high school? Nope, no effect. Reiterating that he'd have to do the math class again? This seems to have gotten some traction. We'll see how this holds up...
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The lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] gypsiequeen is doing the school thing again and is doing more research for a project. If you could take a few moments out of day to answer her poll to assist in her education, it would be really appreacted!

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