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I have an engineering problem that I need some help with.

I am building a large "spin and win" like device consisting of a frame and two spinning wheels, with the smaller wheel in front of the larger one. The axel for these wheels is a 3/8" carriage bolt that is 6" in length. The frame and each wheel has a 1/2" hole to accommodate the axel and a steel sleeve. The sleeves serve two purposes: reducing friction when spun and protecting the plywood from being damaged by the threads on the bolt that serves as the axel. Nuts behind the frame and in front of the frame allow for adjusting the forward position of the axel on the frame.

The wheels spin smoothly and easily. The problem is that spinning the wheel causes the wheel to rub against the washers and nuts that hold everything in place on the axel and, depending on which way the wheel is spun, will either tighten the nut to the point where the wheel cannot spin or loosen it to the point of wobbling.

I don't know how to solve this. I've tried using two nuts tightened against each other and that didn't work.

I'm open to suggestions.

Edit: It is a set piece for a show so it needs to be able to easily disassemble and reassembled.

OMG! Help!

Jun. 28th, 2009 04:04 pm
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Help! There are 3 of us moving Janet (that includes Janet!) from Tukwilla. She has alcohol for afterward. Please help!
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After much fighting and digging to come up with a steampunk character idea, she has finally popped into my head. Cailin Lefévre, the daughter of a French machinist and an English woman who has a really interesting job that I can't quite come up with at the moment. *head desk*

Anyway, I am looking for pronunciation help with the last name from either native French speakers or fluent French speakers. Ideally, if I can get a recording I can practice from, that would be superb.


Oh crap.

Oct. 6th, 2008 06:14 pm
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Does anyone have a live size skull model I may borrow? Archimedes has gone walk-about and I can't find him...
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I need a 5' x 5' chunk of carpet for a photo shoot that I need to complete in the next 11 days. Ideally, I would like to get it as soon as possible. For those who are interested, I need to build up a false floor to drive a sword into, as [livejournal.com profile] gypsiequeen would probably be a little peeved if I did it to the living room carpet. :)
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Are you going to the ECC event game tomorrow? Would you take photos for me? I would even let you use my camera.

Yes, if I'm going to throw myself on stage, I want photos of it.

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Noel House, a women's shelter located in Seattle is in need of help:
We currently have none or are running out of:

Jams and Jellies
Disposable Razors
Caffenated Coffee
Twin Sized Blankets

These are unfortunately items that we cannot buy due to price....
Anyone that can help please contact me: Belinda Shultz @ 206-450-8870 to arrange a drop off time:
Noel House Programs
2301 2nd Avenue
Seattle WA 98121 (Located in the alley between 1st and 2nd to the north of Bell Street in Belltown)

Thank You!
Belinda Shultz
Please pass this on to your own journals.
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She's looking for people to intervew for a school class on Buddhism. If you can help her out, that would be appreciated!

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