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Oct. 25th, 2008 09:11 am
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I need some assistance. I have a tool rattling about in my brain for use in the Firefly LARP that I run. It's probably useful for anyone running a Serenity game as well, but that's another story.

Being up front about my math skills: the highest math I completed in high school was geometry. (Yes, I hated math. Yes, I am paying for it now, but that's why I have my copy of Excel and my programming languages. I can overcome this deficit.) I apologize if I get a term wrong

Summary: I need to find a formula for calculating the x,y position on a graph. I can determine the radius of the orbital disc and the disc's circumference. I am cheating and assuming round, as opposed to oblong, orbits. I have a good idea how to calculate the position of the object with reference to the orbital disc (i.e. what the degree[?] value of the position is) based on a given yearly orbit (velocity) relative to a starting position on a given date, which the initial location in orbits will be randomly assigned and then tweaked as necessary. I am using our solar system as a model for distance, scale, and sizing.

So, if someone could lend a hand, that would be awesome.

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I just threw this together, but it was all his fualt for coming up with it. He even threw some artwork my way.

The things to I do to amuse to amuse myself while waiting for jury duty.
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To Do List (33.33% completed)
  • Build NPC
  • Call Dr. Sanborn, left message Set up appointment for Tue May 3rd at 8pm
  • Call ID Edge, need to follow up in 3 days. ID Edge called back, they're getting the run around too.
  • Design stat card
  • Put Girly Girl on the bus
  • Submit NPC for approval
  • Add Willow Homework tasks
  • Assemble costume pieces
  • Burn music to CD
  • Call Evolis if necessary
  • Do a run through of performance
  • Do dinner on Thursday
  • Do load of laundry
  • Export NPC character sheet to PocketCharacter
  • Give Willow hugs until complete :)
  • Help Willow with organizing the Homework TODO
  • Make final arrangements with [ profile] fixerbard for equipment pickup and drop off.
  • Print stat card
End goal for this Saturday: Have fun and not look like an ass.

Edit on 10:45 AM, 5/29/2008: Updated the items in the TODO list with completed tasks.
Edit on 12:55 PM, 5/29/2008: Updated Sharon Sanborn task with appointment information. Added feedback from ID Edge. Added "Put Girly Girl" on bus. :D Added Willow support tasks. ;)
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A youth homeless shelter here in Washington is in need of D&D books. Got any to spare?


Oct. 25th, 2007 03:47 pm
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And I'm not referring to the poltergeist in the Harry Potter novels here. No, this is a peeve on the order of pets. This pet peeve is when a player leaves a game without telling you they are leaving. The player just stops showing up with no warning or notice. Mind you, this is not directed at anyone in particular, just getting this off my chest as it has been gnawing at me for a couple of months now and this is something that happens all the time. Hell, it's happened since I started running long term LARP's back in the day.

I suppose the reason this bothers me is that it feels selfish on the part of the player. Perhaps I am the one being selfish here, but I don't think so. Why do I think it's selfish? First, there is the personal perspective for me. I put a lot of work into my games and it feels like I have been dismissed or that my work and effort on the game is not valued. Secondly, if there is a problem with the game or their perception of the game and the player just ups and leaves, the player is not imparting their views with the staff and the staff does not have the opportunity to attempt a course correction. For example, a player leaves because she is not having fun then there is a possibility that other players maybe experiencing something similar. During any given game, there are a lot of events, actions, and interactions that it is easy for things to slip by the way side and go unnoticed so almost any feedback we get from players about how a games goes, or isn't going, is always welcomed and almost always helpful in some fashion. It is that keeping of information to oneself about how the player perceives the situation that is what I think is selfish.

People leave games for any number of reasons, all of which, at some level, are valid. Sometimes life simply gets in the way and the time for the game evaporates. I understand that and I may even tease the player about having their priorities out of whack, but the ribbing is meant in jest and a testament to being missed. However, I understand that things change and that you cannot always plan for it. But is it really too much to ask of the player to let the staff know that he or she will not be back? It is rather frustrating to spend time devising and writing content for a player who does not show.

Another wrinkle for is that the person may seem less reliable than before, maybe even flaky, after pulling something like that. Granted, even I have my flaky moments. Goddess knows I try to avoid them and appreciate it when people call me on it, even if I don't seem initially appreciative. Let's be honest, I would hate for someone to compare me to a French pastry.
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Posted a rules update to [ profile] jidianstation. Feel free to go read it and comment. :)
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Take for example, Catan, for the Xbox 360, where she is playing a multiplayer game. Let me assure you that it is not often that I hear expletives come out her mouth during the course of gaming. Well, tonight, the words were flying, though I'm sure she'll deny it later.

The crowning moment occurred when she had offered a wool (sheep) up for trade to a player and he rejected the offer, only to then play a soldier card and steal said wool. The indigination flared when she said the male player, "What are you going to do? Use it as a tampon?!"

I lost it.
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I should be writing content, but there was a rule that I wanted to implement, but before I could do that, I needed to figure out the chances of success. I've said before that people who design games should have some grounding in math or, in the very least, the underlying concepts of probability.

In Ji Dian Station, tests are resolved by two 6 sided die, one is the Action die (AD) and the other is a Difficulty die (DD). You add your action modifiers, typically attribute plus skill, to your Action Die and compare that to your Difficulty die plus the difficulty. If your Action value is higher than the Difficulty value, you succeeded.

So I needed to figure out what the chance for succeeding, given those rules, if everything is even across the board. My highest completed match class in high school is geometry, which I enjoyed a lot of. I did not care for algebra 2 and eventually dropped the class.

Has this haunted me on occasions? Yes, it has.

Has it stopped me? Not at all.

So I never had a class that actually covered probability as a concept, though I understood it intuitively. To figure out the above problem, I speculate that someone somewhere has a nice neat formula for it. Unfortunately, I don't. So, I will rely on what I know and use the BF&I* technique to problem solving.

I have often said how much I love using Excel as an application. I use it for many things, including data transformation, character sheets, data graphs, middle ware, and so on. Today, I made a spreadsheet to calculate probability of success using Ji Dian Station's conflict resolution system. The meat of which is a VBA function that applies Action and Difficulty modifiers to the dice and figures out all of the permutations to calculate the probability of success in a given situation.

For example, if the modifiers are even, the chance of success is 41.67%. The test resolution system is a little more complex for that. It does make allowances for critical situations, critical successes and critical failures, you know, when things go really well or really bad. A critical failure is 1 on the AD and 6 on the DD, where as the other end of the spectrum is a 6 on the AD and a 1 on the DD. In the end, regardless of how good you are, there is a 2.67% chance of failure and regardless of how bad you are, there is a chance of success.

Yeah, I'm a geek. Get over it. :p

Okay, back to plot writing.

* The Brute Force and Ignorance Technique. Brochures that discuss this method are by the door on the way out.
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For those of you with an Xbox 360 and the love for a small game called Settlers of Cataan, the Xbox 360 game of Cataan rocks! [ profile] strixluna, do you and B have a 360? If you do, we have to play Cataan sometime with voice chat going. :D

And there is the "Living World" skin for the game that looks like the Wooden Chest Deluxe version of Settlers. Very, very cool!

Who else has a 360 on here?

I'm done.

Feb. 17th, 2007 08:51 pm
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One person showed up for game this evening. I was considering calling tonight the last game of the chronicle due to declining interest before tonight's game even started.

It's no longer a consideration at this point.

I'm done.

I'm going to work on Ji Dian Station for a while.
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Next Test Game Announced! For the next game will be doing a game that flexes the combat system and will hopefully show us where the weak points in it are. The game is scheduled for March 24th, 2007 down at the Nexus in Bellevue. More information will follow. The F.A.Q. has been updated as well as instructions on how to join the game when it starts in May.
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I’ve had a number of items pile onto me this week and I am woefully unprepared for a game in 2 days and I’m not feeling like the player interest is there to justify the frantic rush to pull everything together and clean my mess of a house to have the game in.

I’m not really happy with doing this, especially after canceling the December game due to the power outage.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Uhg! Finding the right quote for the game this evening has been very, very difficult.

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Yes, it looks like it did.

So I spent some time this weekend working on an RSS feed generator for the Plot Engine's Document Library and set it a syndication for it here on LiveJournal, [ profile] soacd_updates.

What's the point, you ask? Plenty. Documents can be marked for syndication and every time we add or update document a syndicated, like the game home page for instance, around 3am the following morning, the RSS feed is generated containing all of the new documents. There's a couple more tweaks I want to make for it, like making the automatic generation of the feed configurable, but that should be easy. :)
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The details are a little sketchy when dealing with donations, but if you charge people to play a White Wolf game, you have to have a license, whether it's Mind's Eye Theater or table top.

Here's the story. Many people are pissed and as someone who runs a LARP and deals with intellectual property on a daily basis, I can see both sides of the story.

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