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Time to get started on things I need to accomplish today.
To Do List (11.76% completed)
  • Appy acrylic coat to blaster
  • Post reminder about the Last Saturday Community Workshops.
  • Apply for Fierce!
  • Cut out vest pockets
  • Determine vest sequin strategy
  • Finish edges on vest
  • Finish rhinestoning shirt
  • Load photos on to computer
  • Look at photos from last night's show
  • Post some Tempting Tarts photos
  • Review videos
  • Rhinestone blaster
  • Send follow up e-mail to Ms. Candy Apples about rehearsal for The Duel.
  • Send performer e-mails for Belltown Burlesque Revue
  • Sew pockets on vest
  • Update Monsters, Merkins, and Mayhem cast list.
  • Work on the February Belltown Burlesque Revue poster.

What are you doing today?

Here, have a kitten picture. The kitten is Sparta, the Demon Kitty with Christmas Cheer, and he's in the closet.

Copyright null, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com
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Of course, I brought this upon myself but I wouldn't have it any other way. Here are the next 9 days.
Today: Build creepy doll props for tomorrow's Edge of Propinquity shoots. Stop by BECU to see if they have temporary ATM cards. Get a mani/pedi and prepare for tonight's performance at the Queer It Yourself Variety Shows. Then go to game. Because that's how I roll. Possibly sneak a small shoot into the middle of today's mix.
Sunday: Edge of Propinquity shoots. One with a model, one with a prop, and one on location. Rehearsal for SteamCon's dance show case where I'm belly dancing with other students from ucanto Belly Dance. That's going to be 3 hours of dancing. Pack a little for SteamCon. In fact, that's going to be the theme of the week. It sounds like a song from the Music Man. Sing it with me! "Pack a little, do a little, pack a little, do a little, pack pack pack, do a lot, pack a little more."
Monday: Electrolysis over lunch and the Burlesque Social Club that evening. The Burlesque Social Club is something new here in Seattle for those of us who work in the industry to relax, network, and have a good time. I'm looking forward to it. Pack a little, do a little.
Tuesday: Down to Tacoma after work for more belly dance rehearsals for SteamCon. This is going to be a fun set and I'm looking forward to it. Pack a little, do a little.
Wednesday: The Voltaire, Hellblinki Sextet, The Way To The Egress concert. I'll be networking and meeting band members with an eye towards future collaboration. While I haven't listened to a whole lot of the bands in question, I have friends who are absolutely rabidly excited about them. This can't be a bad thing. Pack a little, do a little.
Thursday: More belly dance class and rehearsal, either in Bellevue or in Carnation. We're not sure which yet but it will be epic. Pack pack pack.
Friday: Do a lot, pack a little more. SteamCon! See friends, do stuff, be con rat. It'll be awesome.
Saturday: Dancing at SteamCon! Woot! Regency Ballriooms E-G from 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm. Sneak away for the Burlesque 101 Recital at the Academy of Burlesque. I love featuring a new performer in my shows. Rush back to SteamCon for the concert. Somewhere in the middle of that, pre-order the new Abney Park CD.
Sunday: SteamCon wraps up. Say goodbye to friends. Go shoot photos for the MORE! Party's Masquerade at the CSPC. Pass out.
Monday: Start packing for BurlyCon...

Sleep is obviously for the weak.
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Tonight I celebrate my 39th year of hopefully making people's lives a little more interesting with friends and family. Last night was actually my birthday but I wanted to go see the monthly West Side Burlesque Revue at the Skylark Cafe and Tavern in West Seattle. Persephone Illyri had performed two fan dances, one that felt more like Isis Wings and one with more traditional Sally Rand fans. Both routines were gorgeous. Of course, while we Star Wars movies tonight--[livejournal.com profile] zorgaulf and [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie bought me the box set on Blu-Ray--I'm probably going to be working on sewing projects, either the hat or the elastic lace-ruffles for my belly dance performance at SteamCon.

Tomorrow I have a photography workshop at the CSPC. Sadly, the details a still fuzzy about that and I'm bit nervous. I'd hate for my model to drive up from Tacoma and then learn something went south, but we'll see and we'll figure something out one way or the other. Tomorrow, in the late afternoon, I am off to Olatsa Assin's house in West Seattle for a Sass Boom Bang meeting and rehearsal where I unleash my idea for my Film Strip routine in November. Muwahahaha! Ahem. Anyway I top off the evening with my friends in the weekly mage and vampire LARPs. 

Sunday is most sewing, testing costume pieces--I really like where the steampunk belly dancing costume is going--more sewing and more testing with belly dance classes in the evening at ucanto Belly Dance in the U district.

And some where in the middle of all that, I will be reading some new short fiction. It will be awesome.

What are you all doing this weekend? 
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Kyle Cassidy, one of my photography idols, once gave several pieces of advice to photographers at large by way of his blog as a means of answering the age old question: "What advice would you give new photographers?" The one piece of advice that really stood out to me is one that I've tried is simple.

Surround yourself with creative people.

That's an idea I agree with with whole heartedly. I have friends who are artists and authors, painters and dancers, actors and musicians. In this, I am truly blessed.

But where am I going with this, you ask? The answer is simple.

Copyright null, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com

One of my friends, Lillian Cohen-Moore, is an author--and she's a model and a stage manager and an all around amazing woman--has a story April Edition of the Edge of Propinquity. One of the images that really struck me as I read the story was of the main character cutting strawberries as she sat next to her ailing grandmother who laid in the living room bed and that formed the basis of the image. This is one of the rare photos I've created for the Edge of Propinquity where the author was the subject of the final photo.

The photo was shot with my Nikon D700, and 50mm lens at f2.8 and 1/250th of a second. The image is light with a single Nikon SB-600 SpeedLight that is sitting on the ground to the right of the camera, pointing up at the ceiling.

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Tight turn around times can be very hard, especially when you're looking for that perfect shot. But the pressure can be very can be very rewarding. Take this one, for instance, where Miss Vixen Valentine, a local burlesque performer and producer who needed a show flier on very short notice for Puttin' on the Ritz.

Copyright 2011, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com

The model is Eva Harlowe, stage kitten and purveyor of the pick up arts. That is a fancy way of saying she picks up the discarded items while entertaining the audience at the same time.

Makeup by Miss Vixen Valentine. Hair by Beatrice Belladonna.

Technical bits: F/2.8 at 50mm, 1/100th of a second, two strobe set up. SB-800 at 1/64 power on a silver fill umbrella with an SB-600 and a white shoot trhough umbrella against a focus gray (60%) background.

Total time from appointment to flier: 94 minutes.

Puttin' on the Ritz is on Wednesday, June 29th, at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater.

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As some of you know, I'm a gamer. I don't get to play as much as I'd like, but I do enjoy my time when I can. I really love LARPs! I played in many. I run many. Hell, I've even designed a few from a system perspective.

When I create a character, I like to do some up front research if it's not something I've ever played before.

Take for example, Daj Kali. She's a ghoul in the weekly vampire LARP I play in. The character is of Welsh Roma descent, or in the parlance of the gadje, she's a gypsy. Though I stayed away from the World of Darkness book of the same title.

So I did research and I found a lot of Roma proverbs that I really liked and because I'm a creative type of gal, I wanted to incorporate these quotations into my signatures on the game's message board using a variety of very similar photographs and having them get fed randomly.

Honestly, I don't know how many people noticed that the signature files changed on every page load.

Did I mention I'm a geek? Yeah, it should obvious by now. ;)

Lots of signature files behind the cut )
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Cross posted from Through the Shutter.

The year has less than a week left to live so I thought I would do some looking back at a few of the many photos I've shot this year. I've got a lot to choose from and in some cases, the choice what to take was really kind of difficult. Without any further delay, here are my favorite photos from 2010.

It seems only appropriate to begin this post with one of the first photos I took of 2010. The place is the Edison in downtown Los Angeles. The date was January 1st at 1:10 am in the morning. The event was the Nautilist's Ball featuring Abney Park. One of the things that I love about shooting a live performance are those moments that just happen to occur and you're there to catch that candid moment. This particular moment Onyx AbodyOfWater, a tribal fusion belly dancer, was dancing to Airship Pirate, if I remember correctly. This is not only one of my favorite shots of her, but one of my favorites from the evening as whole.

Copyright 2010, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com

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As of this evening the Kickstarter.com project to support Tribal Markings is now live! I must now find my center and focus on that for a few moments. Then I can panic more efficiently. See how that works?

How can you support Tribal Markings? Go to http://kickstarter.com/projects/StoppedMotion/tribal-markings and sign up as a backer with rewards ranging from "our unending love and gratitude", a copy of the finished book, prints, and even acknowledgment on the printed page. There is a good deal of money to raise for this project and a limited amount of time to do it.

Why this project?
Tribal Markings is a photo project and book, show casing belly dancers and their backgrounds while exploring the relationship they have with their tattoos. I want to meet with at least 100 or more belly dancers from across the country, from all walks of life and dance styles, to find the commonalities of experience and the unique perspectives that each provides. The end result will be a book filled with the wild beauty and touching stories from the women of the dance.

Belly dancers decorate their bodies not only with costumes and jewelry, but also with ink. Each adornment is a piece of history; a story to be told and a gem of art.

"She created the fan so I was always kind of hidden behind it and it became a protection for me. With that, it allowed for me to go ahead wear a belly dance costume that exposed the area that was, in my mind, the least pleasant to be seen." -- Nancy "Icy" Brown

Each belly dancer is interviewed and engaged in the conversation of their tattoos and the journey they are on. Questions asked and stories told become quotations in the margins. Anecdotes get fleshed out.

Why $15,000 and how will the money be used?
When I posted a call for dancers for this project to a local Yahoo! Group for the belly dancing community, something I didn't expect to happen occurred. The e-mail was forwarded to people outside of the Puget Sound and there was interest. I posted the call to a couple other forums to see what the response would be. The response was incredible. The project resonated for belly dancers with backgrounds in tribal, cabaret, folkloric, and more from one end of the continent to the other. Travelling to these cities and renting space for taking the photographs will cost from $600 to almost $1000 with air fare being the biggest cost. Money will also be used to for production and design costs around the book and other costs around the shoots themselves.

Why back Tribal Markings?

  • You want to learn about these very real people and connect with them.
  • You want to see pretty pictures of beautiful works of art on amazing people.
  • Be a part of the project from the ground up.
  • You want to receive cool rewards.
  • Because strong women should be showcased more often than they are.

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I am pleased as punch to announce that my photography is on display at [livejournal.com profile] inaurolillium's the Night Kitchen. The Night Kitchen is a truly amazing place serving the evening, late night, early morning, and morning crowds. I cannot emphasize the sheer level of awesome that this restaurant is. Between the food and the atmosphere, I cannot praise it enough!

I have eight pieces currently hanging in the front portion of the restaurant. The pieces range from stories in the Edge of Propinquity, Finis: A Book of Endings for New Beginnings, and even a non-commissioned piece.

In addition to my photography, the work of [livejournal.com profile] winneganfake of Tormented Artifacts, Molly Friedrich, and [livejournal.com profile] batwinged of Lex Machina Photography.

The place is amazing, the food is out of this world, and the art is captivating.
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Does any have or know someone who has a tow truck I can borrow for a late afternoon/evening shoot?
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The remaining four... )
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Here are photos from the Grants Pass Release Party last month.

More photos behind the cut... )
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  • The D700 body alone has more heft to it--it's the same body as the D300--than the old D70, but if you add the vertical grip with the extra battery it could be lethal if used in a fight.
  • I like the view finder more than the D70, except that I can't seem to get the view finder focus nob to move, so everything is blurry in the view finder.
  • That ginormous (in comparison to the D70) LCD screen is really, really nice to have.
  • Holy cow! There are a ton more buttons than the D70 and menu options are almost overwhelming.
That's all for now, I need to get out the door.
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The Nikon D700 arrives this afternoon and it will be replacing my Nikon D70, which has served me for 5 years now and has been a real work horse. Full frame sensor and better high ISO noise reduction are just two of the reasons for upgrading. I'm still keeping the D70 as a backup camera. Yesterday, the vertical grip arrived for the new camera and the two batteries that came with it.

This is probably the best definition of cissexism I've seen so far:
We define cisgenderism as the systematic privileging of cisgender people (people who identify with and perform the gender associated with their sex assigned at birth in socially acceptable ways) over transgender and gender non-conforming people, and cissexism as the systematic privileging of cissexual people (people who identify with the sex assigned to them at birth) over transsexual and intersex people. - [livejournal.com profile] debunkingcis
Lastly, tomorrow morning at 3:00am, I leave for the Bay Area for my photo project, "I Will Never Forget". We should be in town no later than 6pm, probably a lot sooner. I always set my routing and mapping programs to be "slower" than normal just to make sure I have wiggle room in the drive time.
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Today was good. I made excellent progress on a project for work and may actually even be able to finish it before the end of the sprint. I need to add a bit of functionality to it to make people happy, but that should be easy.

The shoot for the youth theater group I work with went well. They're doing one of my favorite musicals this time around, Little Shop of Horrors. I'm waiting on the photos to finish importing and then I'm going to bed.
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Cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] activegnome, [livejournal.com profile] patternsource, and [livejournal.com profile] sewingsteam.

I've had this idea brewing in my head for about a month or so, a holster style camera bag. The idea came to while photographing the last Abney Park show here in Seattle on 2/6. The goal, in the end, is to create a belt that will hold my camera, two lens, a hot seat flash, and assorted equipment.

So, I am looking for a base gun holster patter, something with an old west feel and I will modify it from there.

Thanks for any help!
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What I accomplished today:
  • Correct my mast disc label template in photoshop so it actually fits the regions on the printed media
  • I produced all of the disc labels for the High School Musical PhotoDiscs. All I need to do now is assemble the discs and e-mail Cathy.
  • Finished up the last of the "Kid Simple" photos for Macha Monkey Productions.
  • Finished all of the Abney Park concert photos. I'll pick out my favorites tomorrow.
  • Finished all of the Steampunk Fashion Show runway pictures.
  • Complete one set of photos for a designer in the fashion show.
I'm going to go take some Nyquil and pass out now.
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I am looking for an older house to shoot some photos for the Edge of Propinquity guest author story slated for the February.

Here are the following things I'm needing to find:
  • A house with a hard wood floors in a room with an easily accessible corner.
  • A wooden framed, full length mirror.
  • A house with a basement with a visible set of stairs on one wall.
If you can help, that would be awesome! I would like to move on this in the next 7 to 8 days or so if possible.

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The Nautilist's Ball

This was awesome! I'm sure you're getting really tired of hearing that from me right about now, but you can skip past it if you don't want to read it.

"Gentleman, this fallen angel is the illegitimate daughter of art and science."

Copyright 2008, Stopped Motion Photography The Edison is a visual wonderland filled with artifacts from the building's heyday when it served power to the Los Angeles area and decorated in a fashion reminiscent of when the twentieth century was merely a baby among the centuries. Can you see those high back chairs and ottomans upholstered in leather and a fine dark lacquer? Good. Now, add an element of the fantastic, old Edison electric lamps and bulbs turned down low for a warm, amber light.

Copyright 2008, Stopped Motion Photography The street level entrance includes a gated area when men and women can smoke and relax while the rest of the club remains smoke free. I was greeted by a lady who played a rip saw with the bow of a violin. The sounds were both haunting and melodious. Even at this first level of the Edison, the lighting is mostly indirect. Our musician here had two small lamps that provided warm light and high contrast shadows that only added to the mystique of her performance. Join me while we walk down the impressive stair case from the street level to the subterranean area that makes up the bulk of the club.

Copyright 2008, Stopped Motion Photography The colors are muted; industrial steel, polished copper and brass. Glass vials suspended from wrought iron trees filled with pale blue and green liquids. Plasma discs embedded into the doors of the old coal fired boilers, hint at the power generation found in the building. Behind glass, old work conduits still run under the city streets. Projectors throw images from an independent films and silent movies of old while televisions gives us glimpses into stories that lend themselves well to steam punk. An old brick walled furnace has been converted into a sitting room, lit with electric glow of Edison's candles, and an organ from the late nineteenth century adorns the back wall.

"A modern marvel of engineering; clockworks elevated to the very natural process which even now sends your blood racing. Your eyes flash at such irreproachable beauty."

Copyright 2008, Stopped Motion Photography The space is large and the ceiling is high as evidenced by the three flights of stairs to reach the main club floor. The space is used very efficiently, proving to be well laid out, providing nooks and crannies that littler the space, making this cavernous space small and intimate. In corner of the space stands an old movie project ready to light the screen with its celluloid images of old. Green potted plants accent the deep, rich reds that surround them.

"Walls of iron, bolted with steel, two miles high should hide how we feel."

Copyright 2008, Stopped Motion Photography The troupe Lucent Dossier provide the entertainment if you didn't wish to stand in the throng of people listening to the music or if the band was taking a break. The troupe was sometimes funny, sometimes quite serious, but they were always fascinating and would occasionally drag member of the audience into the act, including me, camera and all. Gypsy belly dancers, clockwork girls that dispensed cotton candy from her breasts while gliding through the space, a very accomplished aerialist that performed some of the most amazing work I've seen in a long time. Scenes played out to music and dance, telling stories of abstract struggles and sometimes just for the art of it. There was even a girl a red sleeper, her hair in pig tails who was scared and would cling to people to help "save her" from this mad house, though she was never without her stuffed bunny, "Bear."

"We're a crew of drunken pirates. We're the only airship pirates."

Copyright 2008, Stopped Motion PhotographyCopyright 2008, Stopped Motion Photography The stage was high enough off the ground that the band, Abney Park, could be seen from almost any angel, well, except for when Daniel kept hiding behind one of the plants on stage. This area was probably my only real area of disappointment with the space. The plants on the stage limited visibility and seemed to be not quite big enough for five people. On top of that, like all of the club venues I've been to, a precious few as it has been, the stage lighting was hit or miss. Frequently, Nathaniel was shrouded in darkness, standing on stage right like he normally does. Down stage center, however, was beautifully lit and each of them shined when they reached that coveted spot. The problem lessoned somewhat with the addition of an another riser to the stage area that shared the same light that downstage center did. I would hazard a guess that these venues tend not to refocus the lights when different live acts come in.

"It was just for kicks, but I'm afraid the gig is up."

Copyright 2008, Stopped Motion PhotographyCopyright 2008, Stopped Motion Photography Robert and the band were in their usual entertaining form. Robert's smooth and rich voice lead the band through their numbers. Nathaniel's expert violin and guitar work stands in its own voice. Finn's backing vocals and on stage dance work hits all of the right notes as a balance to Robert. Daniel continues to show us just what he can do with his electric bass. Kristina shows us just why her work is key to the sound and the experience we have come to expect and love from the band. Excellent music and a lot of self deprecating humor provided the bookends between the songs, which included at least three new songs from the next disc. One of those new songs didn't really stick well with me, but the one that "not really ready for this show" was really fun and I like it a lot. It had a good beat and made moving the body easier. It appeared that it was loaded up by Kristina as an executive decision. The audience seemed to thoroughly approve of her decision making skills. I did not catch the song names, I don't think their names were mentioned, but I would love to know.

"Sacrilege, but you keep on dancing. Heretic, you spin round and round."

Copyright 2008, Stopped Motion Photography When you combine all of the elements from the evening, the event was truly amazing. While I will not likely do it again for any number of reasons, I am very fortunate to have experienced it and do not regret it in the slightest.

Copyright 2008, Stopped Motion Photography
More photos from the Nautilist's Ball

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This place, the Edison in L.A. is just amazing. It is filled with lots of really cool things that I can even begin to go into.

But fear not, I will have photos!

Abney Park has finished their first set and have played at least three new songs!

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