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Good evening my lovelies! 

It's September and I'm writing this in a coffee shop after returning from the 70th annual World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago for ChiCon 7. I had a fantastic time and introduced a whole lot of people to the glories of nerdy burlesque or, as we like to call it, nerdlesque. Being home after a long trip alwaays feels so good. Especially after rolling in the rhinestones and glitter. (I'm not sure the cats ever appreciate that.)

But let me give you a glimpse of my upcoming shows of Lust.Love.Lifetime, Debauchery, and NERDZ! [more]

First up in this very busy month is Lust.Love.Lifetime: A Show Benefitting Washington United for Marriage at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater on the 13th. The show starts at 7:30 pm. The show is $20 and profits go directly to Washington United for Marriage. This show is going to be awesome! This show features the talents of Eva Fairwood, Miz Melancholy, Scandal from Bohemia, Betty Fish, Sara Dipity, myself, and more. 

Fantastic burlesque and supportting marriage equality in Washington? Total win!


How do you follow up a show about lust and love? With Debauchery, of course. In its usual third Thursday of the month slot, Lily Divine Productions brings us a night of entertainment tailored for the queer audience at Neighbor's Night Club in Seattle.

Doors open at 7pm and the show begins at 8pm. Advanced tickets are just $10 and $15 at the door.

This month's show features some amazing performers! In no particular order, other than by name, I get to share the stage with Al Lykya, Amarylis Brindamour, Fay Onyx, Gema Lusterious, Harriet Scary, Juicy Fruit, Miss Kitty Baby, Pidgeon Von Tramp, Tiger Bombshell makes a debut peformance, and Zusha Rouge.

Lily Divine Productions uses Debauchery as a means to raise money for local LGBTQI organizations through community grants generated by the shows.


Last, but certainly not least, NERDZ! returns to the Jewelbox again this year for two nights, September 22nd and 23rd! You read that right, you now two oppurtunities to take in some amazing nerdity, that amazing confluence of nerdly pleasures combined with nudity. Sounds simple enough, yes?

The show on Saturday, September 22nd, begins at 7:00pm and doors open at 6:30pm. The doors for Sunday's show open at 6pm with the show starting at 6:30pm. 

Tickets are $18 at the door and $15 in advance of the show by way of Brown Paper Tickets.


Leading me in this night of sexy geekry is Scarlett O'Hairdye, Sailor St. Claire, Nathaniel Johnstone, Tempest, Morgue Anne, Bolt Action, Stella Vaughn, Scandal from Bohemia, and Candy Apples.

Those geniuses from Card Kingdom are even putting together a prize package that will be as enviable as it will be epic.



And October 3rd see's my return to Oakland, CA, in iL Nocturnal's iLnoc-off! It's a benefit support of We Are Family, a community organization that helps homeless LGBT youth in need. The Seattle Police Department estimates that there anywhere between 500 and 2000 homeless youth on the streets of Seattle and and that nearly half of those numbers are LGBTQI teens. If you want to help but cannot make the show, watch this site for details on how you can help make a difference.

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(Cross posted from Through the Shutter)

ChiCon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, is this week. In fact, my plane for the Windy City leaves Wednesday afternoon and I land just before midnight. 

Hmmm. I seem to remember doing this recently when I went to the Steampunk World's Fair in New Jersey. I mean, really, why I do fly out so late? Because I like the night life? Well, there are lots of photography subjects.

Digital Narratives: What Are They, Where Are They, and How the Heck Do I Write Them?

Thursday from 12:00 pm to 13:00 pm
Buckingham : Bronze West

This panel discusses how digital technologies have changed the way we tell stories and explores what the future holds.

Christopher Kastensmidt, Amber Clark, Tom Dowd, Nancy Fulda, Daniel Levin

LARPing: Make-Believe for Adults

Thursday from 16:30 pm to 18:00 pm
Field : Silver West

Do you long for the days when you were a child and you could be a superhero one day and a cowboy the next? Well, you can go back and do it all again with live-action roleplaying. The panel discusses different kinds of LARPS and how you can get started playing in them.

Amber Clark, Norman Cates, Ann Morris, Kevin Riggle

The Ghosts Talisman: A Fumetti in Four Parts

Friday from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
Buckingham : Bronze West

Author Jennifer Brozek and photographer Amber talk about the creation of the photographic novel from script and casting to shooting and layout.

Amber Clark, Jennifer Brozek

100 Aspects of a Pith Helmet

Friday from 13:30 pm to 15:00 pm
Wrigley: Bronze West

How the symbols of colonialism inform and undermine steampunk.

Eightball, Amber Clark, Roland Green, Gregory Rihn

Nerdlesque: Filking for Burlesque?

Friday from 16:30 pm to 18:00 pm
Comiskey: Bronze West

The neo burlesque movement seems to be full of nerds and geeks in troupes such from New York's Epic Win Burlesque to Portland's Critical Hit, even individual shows like NERDZ in Seattle and the Hitchhiker's Guide to Burlesque in Los Angeles. Some acts are fun and campy tributes to fan favorites while other numbers offer a serious contemplations. Either way, it's a love letter.

Amber Clark

Firefly Ten Years Later

Friday from 18:00 pm to 19:30 pm
Gold Coast: Bronze West

Browncoats are still flying ten years after the series aired half a season. What's the lasting appeal of this short-lived series?

Bob Devney, Amber Clark, Janice M. Eisen, Lee Martindale, Ann Morris

Digital vs. Traditional

Saturday from 13:30 pm to 15:00 pm
San Francisco : Gold West

Is the new digital process ruining the arts? Panelists will talk about the pros and cons of using digital media and how it effects productivity, creativity and the market.

James Stanley Daugherty, Amber Clark, Kurt Erichsen, Mark J. Ferrari, Jane Frank

Artists Round Table Part One

Saturday from 16:30 pm to 18:00 pm
San Francisco : Gold West

A venue for fans to ask questions of the artists.

Amber Clark, James Stanley Daugherty, Rowena Morrill, Maurine Starkey

If you're at the convention or you are in Chicago feel free to look me up. I'll even have my camera gear with me and 30 Second Portraits will happen.

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Cross posted from Through the Shutter.

This last weekend was the 65th annual Westercon science fiction convention at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport Double Tree Hotel. While the programming department worked me hard with all of my panels I was on I still found time to meet new people, make friends, and have amazing things happen. Here's one such amazing thing.

During the course of my panels I referenced David Hobby's blog The Strobist. (It's a fantastic resource and a wondrous community for learning to light!) In particular, I talked about the idea of using a bed sheet to create a global-wrap-around light for minimizing glare on surfaces you're lighting during the panel "Reproducing Your Art". (David talks about using the sheet in a portrait to create on access light of huge proportions.)

After the panel Frank Wu, the artist guest of honor for the convention, asked if I wanted a fun challenge. And by "fun challenge" I mean to say, he asked if I would shoot his painting in the art show as he had just finished it that morning and didn't have any records of it. 

With the blessing of Westercon's art show staff, Sunday morning I setup my lights.

Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.comWhenever you are shooting on location, your control over the situation is limited. In this case, the paintings I was shooting were hung on the walls of the show in the corner and surrounded by his other works and the works of his wife. In a perfect world, I would set up a sheet on the left and one on the right but with that right side panel, that wasn't going to happen.

I set up the bed sheet from my hotel room hung it camera left, using one light stand the left side panel, and used it as my giant light. My initial set ups were too close to the painting and I would get hot spot reflections. I moved the flash back as far as I could go and dialed down the power on it until that hot spot was gone.

I didn't have the same luxury on the other side because of that panel on the right so I had to use a SpeedLight and a white shoot through umbrella but I couldn't get the flash far enough away to light the right side of the paintings without a hot spot. What was the solution to this problem? I bounced the light off of the ceiling in the room.

Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com

If this picture isn't clear enough, here's a diagram.

Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com

The final piece of the puzzle was to open up the aperture to an f2.8 to let a lot of light in and reduce the power output of the flashes down. Both flashes were set to  1/64 power.

Here are the three finished images of the painting.

Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com

Gorgeous, aren't they?

These paintings are copyright 2012, Frank Wu and are used with permission.

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(Cross posted from Through the Shutter)

Next week will be busy on many fronts with call backs for The Ghosts Talisman models, a couple of book cover shoots, and WesterCon 65 at the SeaTac Double Tree Hotel where I will be speaking on a variety of subjects, some art related, some horror, a little make up work, and more.

Gaming: Gender Issues In Tabletop & Video Games
in Cascade 3-4 at 7pm on Thurs
What are the gender issues currently portrayed in tabletop and video games? Come and discuss these with our panelists.
With: Brianna Wu, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Mickey Schultz, Miss Amber Clark

Speculative Photography
in Olympic 2 at 10pm on Fri
There are many kinds of photographic techniques being used today for surreal, fantasy, horror and just plain strange themes. Some work is digitally produced and manipulated, some is still being done completely on film either staged or with darkroom effects, and some combines more than one medium and technique. Our panelists will share examples of their own and their favorite work and discuss techniques and materials.
With: Gadget the Emperor, MaggieD, Miss Amber Clark

My Favorite Tool
Copyright null, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.comin Olympic 2 at 11pm on Fri
Our intrepid artists share about those one or two items that they couldn't live and create
With: Arlin Robins, Frank Wu, Jeff Sturgeon, Miss Amber Clark

E-Books, Cover Art and Illustration
in Cascade 3-4 at 1pm on Fri
Will publishers continue to invest in cover art if the art is only available in digital media? Will there still be a market for interior illustrations? What about children's literature and picture books? How can we get publishers to recognize that this is still important, or is it?
With: Anna Sheehan, Frank Wu, Jeff Sturgeon, Miss Amber Clark, Tod McCoy

The Horror of Things
in Cascade 7-8 at 3pm on Fri
Monsters are inherently scary. But what about everyday items? How can the horror author turn the mundane terrifying?
With: Gadget the Emperor, Gwen Perkins, Jennifer Brozek, M Todd Gallowglas, Miss Amber Clark

Photoshop and You!
in Evergreen 2 at 5pm on Fri
Whether you are a beginner and want to know what a pixel is or are an advanced user and want to plumb the depths of layers and clipping masks, this is the place to be to find out all about working with Photoshop.
With: Miss Amber Clark

Monster Archetypes
in Cascade 3-4 at 8pm on Fri
Vampires, zombies, werewolves and ghosts are just some of the monster archetypes. Why do they stick around in our subconscious? Let's see if we can figure that out.
With: Anna Sheehan, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Jessica K. Sklar, Kat Richardson, Miss Amber Clark

Special F/X Make Up on the Cheap
in Olympic 2 at 1pm on Sat
Whether you're making a Klingon, a demon spawn, scarred zombie hunter, or even a paranormal investigator who has lost an eye, there are inexpensive ways to do it. We'll offer tips and techniques we've learned through the years to help you come in under budget.
With: Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Miss Amber Clark, Wolfcat

How to Reproduce Your Artwork
in Olympic 2 at 3pm on Sat
You have finished your masterpiece. Now how do you make the prints? What reproduction options are out there and what works the best for what?
With: Jeff Sturgeon, John R. Gray III, Margaret Organ-Kean, Miss Amber Clark

Thinking Outside the Art Box: Mixing Media
in Olympic 2 at 5pm on Sat
Don't be daunted by the high cost of conventional art supplies. There is a great deal of art to be made out of humble household products and inexpensive craft supplies. Even when you are working in conventional media, don't get hung up on sticking to one medium. Mix it up! This panel will discuss ideas about mixing different art media and using unconventional materials for the creation of art. Audience participation is encouraged!
With: Jeff Sturgeon, John R. Gray III, Margaret Organ-Kean, Miss Amber Clark

Collaborating With Artists
in Cascade 7-8 at 1pm on Sun
Authors frequently collaborate with artists from other media: Painters, photographers, and prop makers. Collaboration requires excellent communication between creators who speak different languages. It's not as easy as most people think, especially when both sides can be temperamental. Panelists will give their tips on effective communication for artistic collaborations.
With: David Brin, Jennifer Brozek, Michael Ehart, Miss Amber Clark, Solarbird, the Lightbringer

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Of course, I brought this upon myself but I wouldn't have it any other way. Here are the next 9 days.
Today: Build creepy doll props for tomorrow's Edge of Propinquity shoots. Stop by BECU to see if they have temporary ATM cards. Get a mani/pedi and prepare for tonight's performance at the Queer It Yourself Variety Shows. Then go to game. Because that's how I roll. Possibly sneak a small shoot into the middle of today's mix.
Sunday: Edge of Propinquity shoots. One with a model, one with a prop, and one on location. Rehearsal for SteamCon's dance show case where I'm belly dancing with other students from ucanto Belly Dance. That's going to be 3 hours of dancing. Pack a little for SteamCon. In fact, that's going to be the theme of the week. It sounds like a song from the Music Man. Sing it with me! "Pack a little, do a little, pack a little, do a little, pack pack pack, do a lot, pack a little more."
Monday: Electrolysis over lunch and the Burlesque Social Club that evening. The Burlesque Social Club is something new here in Seattle for those of us who work in the industry to relax, network, and have a good time. I'm looking forward to it. Pack a little, do a little.
Tuesday: Down to Tacoma after work for more belly dance rehearsals for SteamCon. This is going to be a fun set and I'm looking forward to it. Pack a little, do a little.
Wednesday: The Voltaire, Hellblinki Sextet, The Way To The Egress concert. I'll be networking and meeting band members with an eye towards future collaboration. While I haven't listened to a whole lot of the bands in question, I have friends who are absolutely rabidly excited about them. This can't be a bad thing. Pack a little, do a little.
Thursday: More belly dance class and rehearsal, either in Bellevue or in Carnation. We're not sure which yet but it will be epic. Pack pack pack.
Friday: Do a lot, pack a little more. SteamCon! See friends, do stuff, be con rat. It'll be awesome.
Saturday: Dancing at SteamCon! Woot! Regency Ballriooms E-G from 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm. Sneak away for the Burlesque 101 Recital at the Academy of Burlesque. I love featuring a new performer in my shows. Rush back to SteamCon for the concert. Somewhere in the middle of that, pre-order the new Abney Park CD.
Sunday: SteamCon wraps up. Say goodbye to friends. Go shoot photos for the MORE! Party's Masquerade at the CSPC. Pass out.
Monday: Start packing for BurlyCon...

Sleep is obviously for the weak.
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This weekend I am enjoying the weekend "off" for a change. No shoots. No shows. I can put off planning for shows. Nothing I need to do. It will be grand and glorious. I just need to pack for Westercon and relax.

Right. Like that'll happen.

Here's what I'm doing over the next four weeks.

Busy is as busy goes. )

August is a little slower, but I'll talk about that one later.
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The Girly Girl and I going to WesterCon this summer in San Jose. (Gina was sold on the convention when she saw the logo with the horse on it.)

I would love to get together with you all down there.

Edit: As a note, we will be without a car while down there since we're car pooling down with [livejournal.com profile] saphyre_blue and we'll be arriving in town on 6/30 and leaving on the 5th.
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Cross posted from Through the Shutter...

I just finished up a weekend at the 2nd Annual SteamCon, a steampunk exposition of the amazing! Amazing was a good word for it. For the most part, I spent my time in the photo salon photographing dashing men, beautiful heroines, innocent babess, and a fantastic mechanical universal tracker! M.U.T. was very impressive!

I had the oppurtunity to shoot the fashion show for SteamCon again and this year, I was able to make some additions to lighting arrangements. I am very pleased with the results, but don't take my word for it. Here are a few images from the hundreds I shot.

More photos... )
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Note: This is a cross-post from Through the Shutter

Here I am on the back side of a convention that has just wrapped up. Perhaps I should mention that this is my first Foolscap (http://www.foolscapcon.org/) and really kind of snuck up on me. It's a small convention down in the Redmond Town Center Marriot with a focus on writing and the visual arts.

"Her Return" (C) 2008 Stopped Motion Photography
"Her Return" for the "Reunions"
by James A. Sullivan.

Friday's first panel, "New Types of Artwork", put me into an interesting position. Especially when you consider this was my first time being a panelist. Out of the three other people who were panelists with me, I was the only one there. On the bright side, I only had one attendee, so it was all good. ;) We actually had a really good conversation about the creative process I utilize and how I've built some of the more complex images, such as "Her Return". For being a two woman show, so to speak, it went well.

More behind the cut. )

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Note: This is a cross-post from Through the Shutter

I will be at Foolscap, September 24th-26th, and here is the schedule of panels I will be on.

  • Friday, 4pm (Alder) - New Types of Artwork – New media, new materials for creating art, etc.
  • Friday 10pm (Alder) - Biology of the Undead – Theories on the mysterious inner workings of the zombic community. Where do zombies come from? In most works of SF, it's not a mommy and a daddy zombie. Sometimes it's occult powers, but sometimes it's a virus, or radiation. Prepare for the uprising now!
  • Saturday 10am (Alder) - Collaborating for Fun and Profit – In the age of the Internet, collaboration is easier than ever. Should you collaborate on a project? What tools should you use? What are some of the common pitfalls and benefits?
  • Sunday, 11am (Alder) - Pack Your Sketchpad – Drawing anywhere and other means of refreshing your art.

I'm really excited and looking forward to it. Will I see you there?

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Note: This is a cross-post from Through the Shutter

Last October, I shot photos of the SteamCon Tea and Couture Fashion Show. I had a lot of fun taking the photos. You can view all of the photos here.

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the coordinator of the SteamCon 2 fashion show asking if I'd be interested in doing it all over again. It would be an understated to say I agreed to do it again. No, this year, I have ideas on how to improve the lighting and get even better shots than some of the awesome ones below. To celebrate this occassion, here are some photo's from last year's fasion show, Tea and Couture.

More behind the cut. )


May. 27th, 2009 01:07 am
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I am home. Tomorrow I have an interview. Good night.
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If you're going to BayCon and you enjoya a fun LARP, you should consider our game. The people who played in it at Norwescon all said how much they enjoyed it!

(Click to enlarge image)

To sign up for the game and have a better chance of getting the character you want to play, go to the Stranger Concepts website and register!
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I just registered myself, [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie, the Boy, and the Girly Girl for SteamCon this fall and have our hotel reservations in hand.

Who else is going? :)
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Due to the stock market being in the toilet—don't go look at Infospace stock at the moment, I'll cry—all of us, [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie, the Boy, and Girly Girl, are unable to attend. However, [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie is kicking me out the door anyway.

I am in the process of determining how I'm getting down there. Maybe I'm driving, perhaps flying, but I don't know yet. However, I do need to find roommates for the hotel. Anybody to looking for a roommate to help lower the cost? From a pure money perspective, preferably a room with 3 other staff members. :)
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I'm back home, but I am not going to go back an re-read everything. If there is something you think I need to know, reply here.
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Okay, Art Show forms are in the mail.
Room at the Mariott is reserved. (I have to pay to park while I'm stay there?!)
Membership registrations will be in the mail tomorrow.
Picked a badge name with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie, [livejournal.com profile] evaleastaristev, [livejournal.com profile] asthecrowfly, and [livejournal.com profile] bluewingedcat for their help. It was rather unanimous. ;)

Okay, I'm going to go gain negative distance with the bed and snuggle next to [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie.
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I probably should've mentioned this when I returned from WorldCon, but this piece, "In, Through, Beyond", took a Juror's Selection Award in the art show. While sales of my pieces were not spectacular, the award certainly brightend my day.

Made more progress on cleaning out what will be [livejournal.com profile] sylvan's room.

Why did I never think of using the shop vac to deal with spiders before? It made for getting them out of the way really quick!

Made another run to the transfer station to today.

Showed up at the location for today's shoot at 8am. I was the only one at the PAC until W showed up 45 minutes later. Fortunately, we wrapped for the day around 2pm and not 5pm.

The Girly Girl really likes playing Pac-Land and Marble Madness. I told her that Marble Madness is much better when you get a big arcade trackball for it.

I have [livejournal.com profile] astolfo's hard drive to try doing some data recovery.

I have about ~350 photos to go through from today's shoot. Lots of pictures of the cast on the fly system. Some of them for the first time in the harness.
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Most of my time at WorldCon this last week was spent supporting the Seattle in 2011 bid, both at the parties and the table. I made it to a three panels in total--a new record for a convention I was working--strolled through the dealer's room, sold some art, and won an award for one of my pieces. Here are my WorldCon pictures, mostly from the Saturday Seattle in 2011 bid party.
More pictures behind the cut... )
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As is par for the course in Denver, the afternoon thunderstorms have hit. However, I was only involved with the tail end, so it was light.

Spent time looking through the art show and making another pass through the dealer's room. Had a fun chat with [livejournal.com profile] kajafoglio over costumes, paper dolls, Buck Godot hardbacks, and what have you.

Had fun filling in down at the Seattle In 2011 bid table.

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