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Copyright 2009, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.comNow through November 6th, if you schedule a portrait session for the month of November and pre pay for your session, get 50% off your total!

Photo Package A--a hour shoot that includes two 8x10's, four 5x7's, and a Photo Disc that contains all of the finished photos from the shoot in a high resolution formation. Buying these individually would cost you $275, but as a package it's only $234. Now if you order it the package and pay for it this week, it's only $117 plus tax.

The Student Headshot Package, a one hour session, two glossy 8x10's, and a Photo Disc with all of the finished photographs from your shoot. This pack is normally $113. This week, it's only $56.

For more information, send an email to info@stopped-motion.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours or less.

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CopyrightHello again, my lovelies!

Do you like movies? I mean, do you LIKE movies? The ladies of Sass Boom Bang! are back again and this time we're honoring the silver screen this time! Film Strip! is all about those films that we love. Do you like action? Who doesn't, right? Perhaps some science fiction gets your warp core over heating? Blacksploitation of the 70's leaves you in a right state? Then Film Strip will have something for you!

Film Stip! features the talent of:

Mahogany Sparkles
Randi Boom Boom
Scarlett O’Hairdye
Lotti Glitterati
Violet DeVille
Ginger Julep
Olatsa Assin

Allow us to introduce you to our host of the evening, Jenny Sayquah!

Film Strip! at marsBar
609 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle

Film Strip! is a 21 and over show with a show on Thursday, November 10th, at 8:00 pm and two more shows on Saturday, November 12th, at 8:00 pm and 9:30 pm.

Tickets are cheaper than a night at the movies! Just $10 at the door!

Follow the discussion on Facebook with the Sass Boom Bang! presents Film Strip! event!

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Oh, my lovelies, I wanted to share a wrap up of my weekend at the amazing convention dedicated to the continuing education of performers and producers in the burlesque community, BurlyCon. This was the fourth BurlyCon and my second time there. The convention ran from the Thursday, the 20th, through Sunday at the DoubleTree Hotel in SeaTac, just south of Seattle. If you perform or produce burlesque, you should be at this convention. Really, it is just that amazing.

On Thursday, I began my day with a little volunteering at Registration to help things out and then ran off to “Ultimate Organization for Producers” lead by Raylean Courtney. Sadly, I hadn’t started my “BurlyCon Notes” note on my phone at this point--that started on Friday--so things are a little fuzzy. The big word she put up on the white board was "communication". I thought I did a lot of communication when it came to running my shows. Raylean puts me to shame and I walked away with a number of good ideas to make my shows run even smoother. My favorite take was from this class was the notion of remote control vibrating panties for your host as a non-verbal way for the stage manager to let the host know that she or he needs to stall. Yeah, I thought this was magical as well. The only down side of the class was that Raylean and I never got together after the class to share the black magic of Google Docs that we knew. We both use Google Docs in different ways and if we could somehow combine them, our plan for glittery domination will be unstoppable! I was saddened by this for sure, but you do know what this means, right? A road trip to Portland, Oregon, for burlesque, drinks, and spreadsheets! It’ll be grand.

From an organizational standpoint, I decided to take David Bishop’s Stage Management Basics class which was very informative and is influencing my Stage Manager’s Responsibilities document for Purple Devil Productions. I shared a few things we do, like the baby monitor so we can hear what’s going on in the auditorium from the green room and the use of radios between stage management and the booth.

“My Life” with the living legend, Miss Ellion Ness, was just getting underway when I took my seat for the hour long talk that went by way too fast. Let me briefly summarize this: She is an amazing woman with a rich past that should not be forgotten. Now go forth and learn about her. You will not be disappointed.

That evening I snuck off to Neighbor’s Night Club in the Capital Hill neighborhood to go see Dahlia Ste. Cyr in a Debauchery. She was pushing some boundaries in her professional career as a burlesque entertainer and I have been very honored to be able to watch her grow and develop as a performer. Her performance on Thursday probably the most elegantly raunchy performance I’ve seen of her yet.

With an impending peer-review scheduled for Friday, my dress needed to get finished. I grabbed my dress, the MacGyver kit, and set myself down on the couch in the main hallway between the halls to Wing 2 and Wing 7. I was gonna be social while I worked. I needed to tack down the yoke of the dress--a silver confetti style fabric--and shorten the straps. I may have to giveup my title of the Most Prepared Girl in Burlesque because I didn’t have any white thread in my MacGyver kit. (It was still on the sewing machine at home. Drat.) Thankfully, I made a deposit against my reputation account earlier in the day by bringing the interwebs to the registration desk. But how do you recover from not having thread? Well, maybe using safety pins instead may not have been the smartest idea ever...

Friday morning began with Lux LaCroix’s fun--and completely ass kicking--Musicality and Choreography class. This class was an amazing way to start the day with so much activity and grace. We practiced walking with intent and slinking and Lux LaCroix reminded me of one of the ladies in the belly dance class with. Watching Ms. LaCroix work that walk left me saying to myself, "That’s what Dora does. Just. Like. That."

I took some time to myself after that for lunch and some rehearsal with the fans and then it was off to "Taking Your Show On The Road". I want to plan a little mini tour for this summer. Where should I go? I was thinking Portland, the Bay Area. Where do you think I should aim for? Of course, this means I should get off my patootie and start planning.

The Fabulous Miss Rosie Bitts provided some ideas on making that happen with her "Getting Sponsorships" workshop. This very practical class covers how to go about obtaining sponsorships in both cash and "in kind" as a means to help support your career and development.

Next up on my schedule was Theater for BQ, presented by the amazing Doctor Lucky. (For the record, while she may share the name of the cantankerous old coot from my favorite Cheapass Game, Kill Doctor Lucky, I bare her no ill will and think she’s all the more awesome for it.) She started out the workshop with quick survey of who has done theater in high school or college? As I discovered later, this was the setup for a joke that she dropped the ball on. I’ll deliver the punch line at the end just like when we discovered that had happened. Several books were suggested for reading including Horrible Prettiness, High Brow Low Brow, and Theatre of the Oppressed. The workshop comprised namely of exercises on movement, character, and exploration of body. At the end, I pointed out to Doctor Lucky she didn’t mention community theater and thus was the punch line was exposed. Burlesque has become just like community theater. Yes, I laughed burt I also whinced. She was funny and straight to the point.

From here, I took time to myself to get ready for my peer review and that meant eating, getting into my makeup, hair, and costume. I brought my brand new fan dance to the convention with me to peer review. I told the audience of seasoned and new burlesque performers and producers that the routine was in midway in the development process (which it is) and without further ado, the sweet seductive tones of [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire’s song “Take Advantage” filled the room and I began my performance.

Only one really unplanned mishap occurred. (Yes, that’s right. I plan my mishaps!) During the bridge of the song--I think that’s the correct term--I went to slip off my my sparkly, silver gown, by slipping the shoulder strap off when the safety-pin came undone and the whole thing cascaded to the floor. Several reviewers suggested break-away straps and out of this, I have a grand idea.

Peer reviews are amazing and I suggest that performers head to BurlyCon next year take advantage of them. At your peer-review, you perform for the other attendees and they will write down comments on 3x5 note cards and some will give you verbal feedback. I still have all of the notecards from last year’s peer review and I go back read through them from time to time. This year I had 313 individual comments and when I normalized them all out I had 91 distinct threads.

The most common comment was to point out I was "lip syncing” to the song. I disagree with this comment. I was not lip syncing. No, I was singing along at sub vocal levels and didn’t realize it. This is, in fact, worse than lip syncing. This might be hard, but I’ve decided no more singing along with songs I might or will perform to when I’m in transit places. Believe me, this is going to be harder than you may think. Mean while, I need to smile more. You can’t sing if you’re flashing a big smile.

What was my favorite comment? “Your dress is sheer. That’s hot.” Okay, not very constructive but way up there on the validating scale.

My most perplexing comment was “Take belly dance.” That’s all this person wrote. And I do belly dance, so this is why I’m perplexed. So after letting it percolate around my brain for a while, I’ve decided I am going to interpret this comment as the following: “I think you could improve your dance if you incorporated some elements of belly dance in to it.” Ironically enough, this was something I was contemplating the day before.

The bed tried to conquer me after the peer reviews were done and I let it.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I began my Saturday with "Produce and Plan the Perfect Event" with Baby Doe. This panel was so chock full of information it’s not even funny. Seriously, I received excellent advice about planning time lines, items that should be on your check list, contracts and staff, public relations and marketing. This was time in the morning that way so very and incredibly well spent. And fueled by no small amount of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Zora Phoenix, a stunning Gender Illusionist, presented the talk “How to Market Yourself.” Here Zora presented an amazing array of services and tools that do things like maintain your mailing list, connecting your social networks and automating common tasks. Here’s an example. Let’s suppose you’ve been tagged in a photo on Facebook. Using a tool called If This Then That, you can have that photo copied to your Dropbox account. Or you can have a tweet that mentions you retweeted. Don’t think for a moment that this is all she talked about. No, I took away so much from this panel, I think my brain might have been leaking out of my ear by the end.

In a nice change of pace, I took in the “Hot Mama! Parenting Performers” panel discussion. The ladies on the panel were Whisper de Corvo, Elsa E. Sjunneson, Coco Lectric, Rosie Bitts, Ophelia Flame, and Baby Doe. All of whom are mothers with the exception of Elsa who’s an adult child of a burlesque performer. It was an enlightening and often heart warming discussion about the trials and tribulations around the choices we make as performers and as parents.

Next up was "Three's" Company: Navigating Troupe/Groupe Dynamics by the wonderful Baby Doe. I picked out some good pieces of information but I was crashing fast and snoring during a class is rude. I made my exit, went to back to my hotel room and passed out for a good three hour nap. I think my body was telling me something.

Upon waking from my slumber and eating something for dinner, I got ready for the last night of peer reviews and the Neon Dance Party.

With a friend in from out of town I cut short my stay at BurlyCon on Sunday and only made it to one class, "Quick and Easy, Down and Dirty Postcard Design" with Jonny Porkpie. Excellent guidelines were given. Some I agreed with and a few I didn’t, but all of it was all golden. Which is what I’ve come to expect from the Mayor of Burlesque even if he does invite people to “Grab My Junk”. Well, not my junk, but his junk.

For lunch, I went to go have dim sum with friends I don’t see all that often and then they would take my crack chai cherry. This, of course, seemed a fitting end to an amazing weekend.
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Good morning, my lovelies!

I wanted to update you with a little performance I'm doing with an amazing and admirable group ladies at SteamCon III this weekend. What is SteamCon? Simply it is a convention geared for purveyors of all thing steampunk and The Timeless Trollop of the Gas Light District is nothing if not a steampunk at her core.

On Satruday, in the Regency Ballrooms E, F, and G, at the Bellevue Hyatt Regency, I will be joining my fellow students of ucanto Belly Dance for some American Tribal Style belly dance with a steampunk flair at 1pm. A membership for the convention is required to watch this show. The day rate is only $25 for a solid day of steampunk excitement and flair if you don't have a membership already. Friday lasts from nine in the morning until two the next morning and the full weekend membership covering Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is but a scant $55. Don't believe me that such wonders abound? Take a look at the convention schedule and see for yourself.

I hope to see you there even though there will be no burlesque in this show. I can assure you though that the music will be grand and the dancing fun.

Won't you join me, and my sisters in traveling entertainment, for a past that never was?

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Excitement abounds, lovelies! I will be performing in the 7:00 pm show of the Queer It Yourself Variety Shows this Saturday, October 8th, at Seattle University's Wyckoff Auditorium. Treat yourself to some sexy burlesque, sassy drag, fierce spoken word, funny and thought-provoking short films and more! Queer delights will be the talk of the town and the cherry on the top of your of your Saturday night ice cream!


Tickets for each show, the one I am in at 7:00 pm and the one following at 9:00 pm are $10 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets and $12 at the door. If you're attending the Queer It Yourself Conference each show is just $10 as well and it is free for students and faculty of Seattle University with proper SU identification.

But why only see one show when you have the option for two different shows? That's right, see the first show at 7:00 pm with me and then stick around for the second show at 9:00 pm! Doors at 6:30pm for 1st show, and 8:45pm for 2nd show.

The shows will feature performances by
Gigi Frazier
Miz Ginger Snapz
Cole Arden Peake
Collective of Geniuses
Luscious Ladypop
Robin Hood is So Gay! (a short film)
Last of the Red Hot Mamas
Shelby Handler and Nicole Masangkay
A group number by  Amber Flame, Ruby Rouge, Lola LaBang, and Luscious Ladypop!
Devin, from The Flight Academy
Nicole Mikulas-Serletti
Brooke Lynn Bradshaw
Miss Violet DeVille
Anathema Tart
Jordan Deal
Razzle Dazzle Rose
Lola LaBang and Neon Beige
Camilla Saint Sin
Short films by Finn Cottom and Celena Adler!
Roma Raye

...and more!!!

Your hosts for the evening, Miss Gams Galore and Ko$ha


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( Cross posted from violetdeville.com

Hello my lovelies!

September is almost here and that can mean just one thing: Schools are going to be coming back into session soon. Why not celebrate this time honored tradition of shuttling kids back and forth between school and other activities with some some men and woment who know how to do it right?

On September 17th, please join me for the Academy of Burlesque Alumni Spectacular: Back To School!


Back to School: An Alumni Spectacular!

The 2011/2012 Alumni Spectacular season kicks off with an ecdysiastical homage to education!

If you're hot for teacher, then you definitely don't want to miss this show. The shimmy-shakin', tassle-twirlin' starlets of The Academy of Burlesque have been reaching deep down into their most creative, educated places and have come up with something special just for you. Come visit our very special academy to learn about very special subjects - one night only!

The Alumni Spectacular series showcases graduates of Miss Indigo Blue's Academy of Burlesque, trained by the 2011 Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Miss Indigo Blue! Some are very fresh and new, while others are well-trained glitterites that have been gracing the stage in Seattle and around the country. Watch as they give back to their audience.. with so much school spirit!

This edition of the Alumni Spectacular! is scheduled for Saturday August 27. Doors open at 8:30, and show begins at 9pm in the West Hall Theater of the Oddfellows Building! Bring your appetite, because The Tin Table will be serving frosty beverages and scrumptious treats for you to enjoy. Come early and hang out in the bar, and stay late and mingle with the stars!

  • Candy Apples
  • Solange Corbeau
  • Octavia Sexton
  • Flirty Sanchez
  • Violet DeVille
  • Hugh G. Cockamamie
  • The Stinger
  • The Bump & Grind Class
  • The Bellydance Class
  • Inga Ingenue

And hosted by Miss Indigo Blue!

TICKETS: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/192297

Date: August 27, 2011
Times: 9:00 (21+)
Cost: $12 with friends/family discount code, $15 at online (https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/192297), $17 at door
Place: West Hall, 2nd floor Oddfellows Building, 915 Pine St, Capitol Hill, Seattle
Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible, call 206-478-9475 for front seating.

When the bell rings, I want to see you there!

Thank you!

Aug. 14th, 2011 08:56 am
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(Cross posted from Violet DeVille|Thank you!)

Oh my goddess! Last night was was School House Strip at the Rendezvous and the show was very good! If you missed the show you missed something wonderful.

Shows like last night are especially rewarding and it reaffirms to me why I love producing burlesque shows.

What do I love about producing burlesq? Many things!

I love the laughter from the audience when they see something. I love it when an audience member hoots and hollers because he or she sees something they like. I love the smiles on people's faces as they exit the theater. I love giving new performers a chance to spread their wings. I love it when those new wings take flight. I love it when seasoned pros show me and the audience what they've got. And love it when everything comes together and we've made magic.

Last night was magic and I am in awe of each my performers and my crew. You were all so very wonderful last night. Thank you for working your collective tushes off and making it amazing.

School House Strip wouldn't have been magical without the help of Beatrice Belladonna, Bolt Action, Boom Boom L'Roux, Coquette LaRouge, Sir Eddie Van Glam, Eva Harlowe, Ginger Julep, Katana Bellydance, Katie Lebear, Lila Dread, Lily Cohen-Moore, Lillith von Fraumench, Sailor St. Claire, Scarlett O'Hairdye, Solange Corbeau, Sue Mohn, and Tipsy Conqubine.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for the love, the laughs, and how effortlessly you made being awesome look.

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It's really hard for me to believe that I've been doing this wonderful thing called burlesque for a year now.


Between rolling my ankle, modifying my routine because of my ankle, and just having all sorts of nerves, I remember getting ready for the show at the Little Red Studio's location on Harrison and Dexter. I came straight from the day job. I stepped out on that stage and performed my routine for a sold out house to the applause of a standing ovation. The hoots and the cat calls were pretty fabulous too.

Oh, I hear you, my lovelies, "But what has Violet done today?"

I was planning, of course! Planning on how to celebrate my First Burlesque Birthday! And you can come join me for what may be the last Speak Easy at the Little Red Studio for a while on July 8th.

Admission is $20 per person and that includes complimentary appetizers and a cash bar are on hand. 

Doors are at 8:30pm and the show starts at 9:00.

Parking is on the street or in the abandoned parking lot just down the street at the corner of Franklin and Galer.

It will be an evening dancing, singing, performance art, poetry, and burlesque of course.

Edit: Added the date of the show, July 8th.

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Hello my lovelies! Have I got something for you!


Some gorgeous and talented ladies and I have joined forces to combat the tide of bland entertainment to bring you Sass Boom Bang! Burlesque and our first show, Women at Work!

Join Sass Boom Bang Burlesque at The Mars Bar for Women At Work!

So...a coal miner, secretary and machinist walk into a bar... What? Wait?! Oh yes.


  • Ginger Julip
  • Lotti Glitteratti
  • Mahogany Sparkles
  • Mimi Je Mange
  • Olatsa Assin
  • Scarlett O'Hairdye
  • Bolt Action
  • Randi BoomBoom
  • Violet DeVille

Special Guest Artist: Solange Corbeau (Saturday July 16th)

…and of course the super sexy SBBB stage kittens!


Thursday, July 14th 9:00pm
Saturday, July 16th 9:00pm

Tickets $10 at the door


The Mars Bar is located in Cafe Venus at 609 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA.

This is going to be a fantastic evening and I hope you'll share it with us!

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(Crossposted from VioletDeVille.com.)

CopyrightI am very happy to announce that I will be in the Miss Indigo Blue's Academey of Burlesque Alumni Spectacular: Rock 'n Roll!

I will be sharing the stage with with some amazing performers including Sir Eddie Van Glam, Mitzy Sixx, Olatsa Assin, Candy Apples, Vixen Valentine, and many more. I think there are fourteen performers in all for this one night show.

The show is at 9:00 pm in the West Hall on the 2nd floor of the Oddfellows Hall located at 915 Pine St. in Seattle for those who are 21 years of age and older.

Tickets are $17 at the door, $15 from Brown Paper Tickets, and $12 from a performer.

Rock 'n Roll: an alumni spectacular!

We want to shake you all night long. Come put a dime in our jukebox, baby!

The stilletto-stompin', tassle-twirlin' stars of The Academy of Burlesque have been reaching deep down to find their inner rock star and have come up with something special just for you!

The Alumni Spectacular series showcases graduates of the Academy of Burlesque.  Some are very fresh and new, while others are well-trained glitterites that have been gracing the stage in Seattle and around the country.  Watch as they give back to their audience.. with some sexy school spirit!

This edition of the Alumni Spectacular! will be on Saturday June 18.  Doors open at 8:30, and show begins at 9pm in the beautiful West Hall Theater of the Oddfellows Building! Bring your appetite, because The Tin Table will be serving frosty beverages and scrumptious treats for you to enjoy.  Come early and hang out in the bar, and stay late to mingle with the stars!

You can also find more information on Facebook event page as well.

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I am really excited for this next show, The Cog Days of Summer, on the 11th of June!

Rusty L'Orange, our master of ceremonies, will guide you through the gas light streets and cobblestone back allies to show you the finest entertainment this side of Yessler's Wall. He'll show wind up dolls and mad scientists seeking to cure the ills of hysteria. Perhaps he will even introduce you to a time traveler and procurer of scientific supplies, though she may be a touch shady in her dealings.

This evening of fine entertainment for ladies and gents, scoundrels and scientists includes performances that will delight and amaze!

  • Katana
  • La Petite Mort
  • Chesty LaRue
  • Deseo Carmin
  • Dahlia Ste. Cyr
  • Scarlett O'Hairdye
  • Miss Violet DeVille
  • Beatrice Belladonna

Are you going to follow Mr. L'Orange's lead? He'll keep you safe from the ruffians who walk the cobble streets. Free range automatons and clanks are another story entirely. ;)


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Kyle Cassidy, one of my photography idols, once gave several pieces of advice to photographers at large by way of his blog as a means of answering the age old question: "What advice would you give new photographers?" The one piece of advice that really stood out to me is one that I've tried is simple.

Surround yourself with creative people.

That's an idea I agree with with whole heartedly. I have friends who are artists and authors, painters and dancers, actors and musicians. In this, I am truly blessed.

But where am I going with this, you ask? The answer is simple.

Copyright null, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com

One of my friends, Lillian Cohen-Moore, is an author--and she's a model and a stage manager and an all around amazing woman--has a story April Edition of the Edge of Propinquity. One of the images that really struck me as I read the story was of the main character cutting strawberries as she sat next to her ailing grandmother who laid in the living room bed and that formed the basis of the image. This is one of the rare photos I've created for the Edge of Propinquity where the author was the subject of the final photo.

The photo was shot with my Nikon D700, and 50mm lens at f2.8 and 1/250th of a second. The image is light with a single Nikon SB-600 SpeedLight that is sitting on the ground to the right of the camera, pointing up at the ceiling.

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Tight turn around times can be very hard, especially when you're looking for that perfect shot. But the pressure can be very can be very rewarding. Take this one, for instance, where Miss Vixen Valentine, a local burlesque performer and producer who needed a show flier on very short notice for Puttin' on the Ritz.

Copyright 2011, Stopped Motion Photography. www.stopped-motion.com

The model is Eva Harlowe, stage kitten and purveyor of the pick up arts. That is a fancy way of saying she picks up the discarded items while entertaining the audience at the same time.

Makeup by Miss Vixen Valentine. Hair by Beatrice Belladonna.

Technical bits: F/2.8 at 50mm, 1/100th of a second, two strobe set up. SB-800 at 1/64 power on a silver fill umbrella with an SB-600 and a white shoot trhough umbrella against a focus gray (60%) background.

Total time from appointment to flier: 94 minutes.

Puttin' on the Ritz is on Wednesday, June 29th, at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater.

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I wanted to thank everyone who came out to see me perform last night at Floozies & Fairytales. I also wanted to apologize for not actually performing especially when I wanted to do my new piece, The Big Bad Wolf to Abney Park's Victorian Vigilante. Late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning I did something most heinous to my back and walking, let alone standing, was difficult at best. Things only marginally improved on Friday but not enough for me risk injuring myself further. When the body speaks about such limits, I listen to it. Fortunately, I was still able to help out and be Ms. Vixen Valentine's stage manager for the evening.

I thank you for your understanding and I will look for an appropriate show to take the Big Bad Wolf to since he's so hot in a feral kind of way.

On the bright side, my back was much better though I'm not all the way there yet and belly dance classes are out of the picture for now. Ah dance therapy, I will need you soon!

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So please remember: This is a test. This is only a test. If this had been a real test there would have been actual content here.

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