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This weekend I am enjoying the weekend "off" for a change. No shoots. No shows. I can put off planning for shows. Nothing I need to do. It will be grand and glorious. I just need to pack for Westercon and relax.

Right. Like that'll happen.

Here's what I'm doing over the next four weeks.

Busy is as busy goes. )

August is a little slower, but I'll talk about that one later.
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The Girly Girl and I going to WesterCon this summer in San Jose. (Gina was sold on the convention when she saw the logo with the horse on it.)

I would love to get together with you all down there.

Edit: As a note, we will be without a car while down there since we're car pooling down with [livejournal.com profile] saphyre_blue and we'll be arriving in town on 6/30 and leaving on the 5th.
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"Is Spock an elf?"

She rocks. Absolutely. :)
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I just registered myself, [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie, the Boy, and the Girly Girl for SteamCon this fall and have our hotel reservations in hand.

Who else is going? :)
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The first one: Self-Rescuing Princess. The second one, for reasons which should be obvious*: OMG Pwnies.

That's still one of my favorite pictures of the Girly Girl. :)

* The Girly Girl, who is seven now, likes to play World of Warcraft and even has a level 38 hunter. My little gamer girl. <3 "You've just been pwn'd by a five year old and you can cuss at her all you like because she can't read."
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"We do not use plungers as weapons of mass destruction in this house."

"Yes we do."
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Tonight, she was playing Rockband 2...with the guitar behind her head and even got the "You Rock!" award. It was cool. My Girly Girl is awesome!
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Girly Girl: Would you tuck me in?
Me: Go lay down and I'll be right there.
Girly Girl: Can I eat your brains?
Me: No, I kind of need them.
Girly Girl: No, you don't.
Me: My boss might disagree with you on that.
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For those of you not in the know the, last night, before I went to game, we found that the Girly Girl was running a fever of, roughly, 102 degrees. The doctor was called and we were told to keep an eye on it. [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie sent me off to go with [livejournal.com profile] sylvan to get [livejournal.com profile] gaaneden to go to game and help set up. About 10 or so, Girly Girl's fever had spiked to 104.7 and [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie took her into the ER.

That should catch up everyone to where we were last night.

What we know: The fever is not the result of the flu.

That's all we know from the tests last night.

Today, her temperature is down to 100.4, still hot but not as much of a concern. She is up and she is active, presently engaged in a conversation with [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie with regards to that most importat question, "Which is cooler? Pirates or ninjas?"

"Ninjas attack faster, so they're cooler."

Mom disagrees. ;)
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According to the Girly Girl, if one of your loved ones has become a zombie, that loved one can be saved! I can hear you asking the question, "But how can that be?" I have to admit, I was a little stunned myself. In fact, I wracked my brains (Braaains!!) to figure out if what she was saying might be true.

Truly, my friends, this is an age of wonder! An age of better living through chemistry abounds!

The Girly Girl's Miracle Cure for Zombieism is "69% Cocoa" Dark Chocolate!

Yes, you read it correctly! Good, healthy dark chocolate! Maybe the secret is the anti-oxidants? Hmmm, I may have to do more research into that.

So the next time a loved one says, "Braiiins!! Om nom nom!" Grab the dark chocolate and feed it to them!
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I probably should've mentioned this when I returned from WorldCon, but this piece, "In, Through, Beyond", took a Juror's Selection Award in the art show. While sales of my pieces were not spectacular, the award certainly brightend my day.

Made more progress on cleaning out what will be [livejournal.com profile] sylvan's room.

Why did I never think of using the shop vac to deal with spiders before? It made for getting them out of the way really quick!

Made another run to the transfer station to today.

Showed up at the location for today's shoot at 8am. I was the only one at the PAC until W showed up 45 minutes later. Fortunately, we wrapped for the day around 2pm and not 5pm.

The Girly Girl really likes playing Pac-Land and Marble Madness. I told her that Marble Madness is much better when you get a big arcade trackball for it.

I have [livejournal.com profile] astolfo's hard drive to try doing some data recovery.

I have about ~350 photos to go through from today's shoot. Lots of pictures of the cast on the fly system. Some of them for the first time in the harness.
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...going to the park with your little girl to ride bikes and pick flowers.
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First, a note: My connection to the internet has been spotty at best during my time here and then I was generally busy. That being said, I am not going back and reading some 300+ posts. If you need me to be aware of something, please bring it up here and I'll go look at that specifically.

BayCon is done and I fly home tonight. [livejournal.com profile] princessmei is taking me out to Dark Garden as she has an appointment there this afternoon--I'm hoping to see a variety of pretty corsets today--and then she's taking me to Piedmont Boutique in San Fransisco as well.

I will have a couple of posts to follow this one up in my Growth and Kink filters, as usual.

Over all, I had a fun, fun time at BayCon and made a lot of friends whom I cannot wait to see again. Of course, that generally means a year at least. Working in Programming Operations was a blast, and I was able to as Chris lots of questions about how BayCon does their program scheduling and the things that worked for them and the pitfalls they encountered. So that was good.

Something that BayCon does that I would love to see Norwescon do is what I can only call "Ribbon Madness". So Norwescon, in the recent years has started doing ribbons for staff and concom members, artists, and so, but this isn't really brought over to the general convention membership too much, except for one instance and that was the "Betty's Boobies" ribbons from last year. What BayCon does is that they have ribbons for the general membership that are free. Big deal you, say? Well, there is more to it than that. They also encourage the membership and staff members to bring their own. For example, in the cabal that is "ProgOps", they had several ribbons, one of which was the "Bathroom Ribbon" which was left in the bathrooms on the sink, sometimes in small puddles of water. If someone was seen wearing a "Bathroom Ribbon", they were sent to ProgOps to get the companion ribbon, "Ewwww Bathroom Ribbon".

While the ribbons can be fun, they can also be used to help fan find other fans of a show or a movie or even of a similar interest. One of the staff members, Boris, was able to make ribbons on site and made a few for me, including "Yes, but buy me dinner first" and "Corset Whore". A vendor who specializes in chainmail and scalemail art had the ribbon "I Got Clawed".

What I think I liked most about this is that it became a fun scavenger hunt out where to get a ribbon that someone was wearing. If you had recently taken a shower and showed up in the gaming room, you could get a "Washed Masses" ribbon or if you went in with a caffinated drink, the "Highly Caffinated" ribbon.

Even the hotel staff was in on the fun and they had an internal competition to see who could get the most ribbons. Some of them had even hatched nefarious plans, though never implemented to my knowledge, to acquire more. "I would be glad to bring your food to you, if you have a ribbon to give me."

One ribbon had a rubber ducky on it with the phrase done up like a bible verse, "Rinse. Lather. Repent. Hygiene 6:2:1"*.

The biggest single, tangible benefit that this practice brought is the building and re-enforcing of the sense of community and that is something that every convention can never get enough of.

The Firefly LARP, Harlequins and Hellfire, we ran on Sunday was a smashing success and we had many, many people askng us to do it again for next year. The end of game "post mortem and reveal" went on for about an hour and a half. And the quality of the players was just outstanding! I cannot say that enough. We had more than a few players attain their goals

In spite of having a lot of fun this weekend, there was something that was off for me and I couldn't put my finger on. I figured it out on Friday evening: I missed my family. How this is different from RustyCon is a difference of 800+ miles. At RustyCon, I could go home if I needed to. Here, that's not an option. Right now, I am working on not thinking about being away from them. I long to be home at this point. To see The Boy, Girly Girl, [livejournal.com profile] gypsiequeen, [livejournal.com profile] zorgaulf, and, of course, the cats. Yes, I'm missing my family. I am sooooo looking forward to being home. And yes, [livejournal.com profile] digitaleopard, I'm even looking forward to seeing you as well.

* The 6:2:1, for those not in the know, refers to 6 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower. If you are unable to complete first two numbers, that's your problem. If you can't fulfil the second one, that's our problem. :)


Feb. 19th, 2008 09:10 pm
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FYI: I am sick. Really sick. Like I slept for 20 some odd hours today. And, I became light headed when I tried to post this an hour ago. There is just something wrong when you become light headed and you're already sitting down!

So, it's chicken noddle soup time (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] digitaleopard for making the store run), drinking Jell-O water (thanks to the Boy for making it), and drinking Gatoraid.

As always, the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] gypsiequeen is taking fine care of me. "What do you want to do?"

I look at her, trying to muster my most pitiful blue eyes, and whine, "I want to be not sick."

As the Girly Girl once said recently, "I'm not crying! I'm whining!"

I wonder how many more hours I will sleep with this stuff. :(
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Here are all of the cards. I will be sending them to the printer on Friday. :)

Here they are... )
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So I had words for almost every letter of the alphabet except for "J". And then I found the WOWModelViewer and went looking through the models and discovered that Jade is a dragon. :D I even went further and found good images for the other 25 letters and I was able to use the model viewer to take a high resolution screen capture of the rendered model. By "high resolution" I mean 4000 x 2753, so the models should look fine when printed. As a consequence, all of the models are now on white backgrounds because in game backgrounds would be very blocky in comparison.

The final list... )
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I got to thinking today that with the Girly Girl's obsession with World of Warcraft that I could harness this for educational purposes.

So I am putting together 5x7 cards (because they are cheap to print) of the ABC's of Azeroth. I'm looking to brain storm words to use along with images.

Wanna help? Either with words or images? I'm sure you'll make a little gamer girl happy. :)

Here's what we have already )

List updated: 8:48 pm PST 2/10/2008
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Yes, I'm a geek. I'm on I-405 at ~60 mph, updating LJ and playing World of Warcraft.

I am doing this all through the data connection on my phone.

As a note, [livejournal.com profile] gypsiequeen is plotting my demise because I'm playing WoW in the car. The Girly Girl wants me to use my "moo cow picture" for this post. And [livejournal.com profile] evaleastaristev thinks I'm silly.

Imagine road trips with internet connectivity! :)

*in the throws of a geekgasm*

Okay, I should think about the pending training session...
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The Girly Girl's body in WOW has been camped by a gnome in blood elf territory. Despite repeated attempts to get her body (and die) and repeated tellings from myself [livejournal.com profile] geojlc, she keeps going back and gets rather upset about it. At this point, [livejournal.com profile] geojlc says, "Well if you keep going back, you shouldn't be crying about it."

The Girly Girl says, "I'm not crying! I'm whining!"

Edit: [livejournal.com profile] geojlc noted that the gnome's level of "oh crap!"
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I'm going to bribe your daughter with silk to bite you.

That's awesome! And I think the Girly Girl might go for it. :)

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