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On the agenda for today...
  • Edit some photos
  • Gather and pack costume pieces
  • Work on my belly dance solo
  • Do my nails
  • Work on my fan dance
  • Give a special effects makeup tutorial to Donny (he starts his new job tomorrow!)
  • Swing by Display & Costume to replace my cake eye liner (I think I left it at the Rendezvous last weekend.) and to check out the price on ostrich feathers.
  • SHOW! SHOW! SHOW! (You're coming tongiht, right? The Tin Can Studio at the Old Rainier Brewery. Show starts at 8pm and it's only $5! With the lovely people I'm performing with, how could you go wrong?)
And, one last thing. This is my new favorite photo of me, taken by my dear friend Sally, during the Belltown Burlesque Revue on September 3rd..
I suppose I should do the first thing not on my list: Eat breakfast!
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You might be thinking, "Dear goddess, what on earth did he do this time?"

I can't believe how emotionally charged this is. I mean, I'm beside myself. Really I am.

The Boy broke one of the cardinal rules of the house: He spoiled the ending of a book.

Some minor spoilers to Grants Pass follow. )

Now that I've wrested the book out of his hands, I can sit down and read it.
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I just registered myself, [livejournal.com profile] lunargypsie, the Boy, and the Girly Girl for SteamCon this fall and have our hotel reservations in hand.

Who else is going? :)
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In the vein of "not doing what I should be doing", I was reading my e-mail and came across this guest post over on Shakesville. This caught my attention for a couple of reasons, but mainly centereed around the Asperger's Syndrome and autism side of things.

The Boy has an IEP, or Individual Education Plan, through the school for social issues. He has had many growing up. However, his teachers have suspected that he has Asperger's Syndrome and it was funny going through the behaviour check list for him because I could easily check most of the items on that list as well as for him. As a team, the teachers and I have not wanted to get an official diagnosis for him as learning disabilities come with a stigma in our society and he's not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. So we're trying to get him the coping mechanisms he needs on the sly, so to speak.

Okay, back to the guest post. In the post she talks about her recent diagnosis of AS at the age of 44, the initial sense of denial that came from it, and where she went exploring from there. One of the things she found was the Aspberger's AQ test, which is by no means anything like an official diagnosis, but it provides a list of 50 symptoms or behaviors and you check how much you agree or disagree with a particular statement of behavior.

The test says, "Scores over 32 are generally taken to indicate Asperger's Syndrome or high-functioning autism, with more than 34 an 'extreme' score".

I scored a 38.
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My grandmother was an English teacher and a very, very smart woman who was a role model for a lot of people. With that in mind, I give you this IM conversation with my eldest child.
I said: Have you done your chores?
I said: Have you done your chores?
I said: (Trash and dishes)
Eldest Child said: yah
Eldest Child said: y u asc?
Eldest Child said: The roommate's up
I said: Did you start the dishwasher?
Eldest Child said: he wooda goten aftr me
Eldest Child said: yah, it on
Eldest Child said: and there a bag in GB can
Eldest Child said: (: Eldest Child said:
Eldest Child said: there we go
Eldest Child said: <3 u
I said: I am going to ground you from the Xbox and the comput if you continue to mutilate the English language.
Eldest Child said: <3 yu
Eldest Child said: *you
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Last night, I went to a laser show with the Boy down at the Pacific Science Center to see the Wall. This had been the first time seeing a laser show since I lived in Denver. Of course, we went to go see the Wall and the Boy was commenting how trippy it was. The Seattle Laser Dome is a very different configuration from the Gates Planetarium back in Denver, named for Charles C. Gates of the Gates Rubber Company.

Where as the Gates Planetarium is like a theater in the round, with a platform in the middle for the star field generator in the middle, the Seattle Laser Dome is laid out more like a theater with a thrust stage, except people can lay down in the middle section and watch the show on the ceiling. Interestingly enough, I read that they even did a show with a live band playing for their CD release party. Of course, after I learned that I had images of the Ophelia, of Abney Park fame, rendered in laser light across the dome with the live show playing at the foot of the dome. Probably not quite of the steampunk vein with lasers, though if it were called a "Death Ray Abney Park" show instead of a "laser show", that could work. I should probably toss that suggestion [livejournal.com profile] robert_from_ap's direction. Who knows, he might go for it, right?

Anyway, the show was good and I found myself singing to the music and was okay that they dropped a few songs—Another Brick in the Wall, Pt 3; One of My Turns; Vera, Bring the Boys Back Home, and Run Like Hell. Actually, I was rather annoyed at Run Like Hell's exclusion, but life will go on. Interestingly enough, they replaced Empty Spaces with "What Shall We Do Now?", a song that was originally slated for the album—it's lyrics were printed on the album sleeve, no less—but was dropped due to time constraints and replaced with "Empty Spaces". The song, "What Shall We Do Now?" would find the light of day in the Allan Parker film, Pink Floyd's the Wall. The version they lifted sounds like they lifted it from the film based on the noise signature which is very different from the re-mastered sound of the CD and ends with the sound of the hammer breaking the glass.

The Boy was telling me it was very trippy on his way out the door. I said to him, "If you think that was trippy, you should watch the movie. We have it on DVD, you know..."
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First, a note: My connection to the internet has been spotty at best during my time here and then I was generally busy. That being said, I am not going back and reading some 300+ posts. If you need me to be aware of something, please bring it up here and I'll go look at that specifically.

BayCon is done and I fly home tonight. [livejournal.com profile] princessmei is taking me out to Dark Garden as she has an appointment there this afternoon--I'm hoping to see a variety of pretty corsets today--and then she's taking me to Piedmont Boutique in San Fransisco as well.

I will have a couple of posts to follow this one up in my Growth and Kink filters, as usual.

Over all, I had a fun, fun time at BayCon and made a lot of friends whom I cannot wait to see again. Of course, that generally means a year at least. Working in Programming Operations was a blast, and I was able to as Chris lots of questions about how BayCon does their program scheduling and the things that worked for them and the pitfalls they encountered. So that was good.

Something that BayCon does that I would love to see Norwescon do is what I can only call "Ribbon Madness". So Norwescon, in the recent years has started doing ribbons for staff and concom members, artists, and so, but this isn't really brought over to the general convention membership too much, except for one instance and that was the "Betty's Boobies" ribbons from last year. What BayCon does is that they have ribbons for the general membership that are free. Big deal you, say? Well, there is more to it than that. They also encourage the membership and staff members to bring their own. For example, in the cabal that is "ProgOps", they had several ribbons, one of which was the "Bathroom Ribbon" which was left in the bathrooms on the sink, sometimes in small puddles of water. If someone was seen wearing a "Bathroom Ribbon", they were sent to ProgOps to get the companion ribbon, "Ewwww Bathroom Ribbon".

While the ribbons can be fun, they can also be used to help fan find other fans of a show or a movie or even of a similar interest. One of the staff members, Boris, was able to make ribbons on site and made a few for me, including "Yes, but buy me dinner first" and "Corset Whore". A vendor who specializes in chainmail and scalemail art had the ribbon "I Got Clawed".

What I think I liked most about this is that it became a fun scavenger hunt out where to get a ribbon that someone was wearing. If you had recently taken a shower and showed up in the gaming room, you could get a "Washed Masses" ribbon or if you went in with a caffinated drink, the "Highly Caffinated" ribbon.

Even the hotel staff was in on the fun and they had an internal competition to see who could get the most ribbons. Some of them had even hatched nefarious plans, though never implemented to my knowledge, to acquire more. "I would be glad to bring your food to you, if you have a ribbon to give me."

One ribbon had a rubber ducky on it with the phrase done up like a bible verse, "Rinse. Lather. Repent. Hygiene 6:2:1"*.

The biggest single, tangible benefit that this practice brought is the building and re-enforcing of the sense of community and that is something that every convention can never get enough of.

The Firefly LARP, Harlequins and Hellfire, we ran on Sunday was a smashing success and we had many, many people askng us to do it again for next year. The end of game "post mortem and reveal" went on for about an hour and a half. And the quality of the players was just outstanding! I cannot say that enough. We had more than a few players attain their goals

In spite of having a lot of fun this weekend, there was something that was off for me and I couldn't put my finger on. I figured it out on Friday evening: I missed my family. How this is different from RustyCon is a difference of 800+ miles. At RustyCon, I could go home if I needed to. Here, that's not an option. Right now, I am working on not thinking about being away from them. I long to be home at this point. To see The Boy, Girly Girl, [livejournal.com profile] gypsiequeen, [livejournal.com profile] zorgaulf, and, of course, the cats. Yes, I'm missing my family. I am sooooo looking forward to being home. And yes, [livejournal.com profile] digitaleopard, I'm even looking forward to seeing you as well.

* The 6:2:1, for those not in the know, refers to 6 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower. If you are unable to complete first two numbers, that's your problem. If you can't fulfil the second one, that's our problem. :)


Feb. 19th, 2008 09:10 pm
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FYI: I am sick. Really sick. Like I slept for 20 some odd hours today. And, I became light headed when I tried to post this an hour ago. There is just something wrong when you become light headed and you're already sitting down!

So, it's chicken noddle soup time (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] digitaleopard for making the store run), drinking Jell-O water (thanks to the Boy for making it), and drinking Gatoraid.

As always, the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] gypsiequeen is taking fine care of me. "What do you want to do?"

I look at her, trying to muster my most pitiful blue eyes, and whine, "I want to be not sick."

As the Girly Girl once said recently, "I'm not crying! I'm whining!"

I wonder how many more hours I will sleep with this stuff. :(
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...and I have to say I am both proud and frustrated.

I am proud over the way he has improved over the year, most notably with his writing. A year ago, his writing was mediocre at best. Lots of unconventional formatting and gimmicks to get his point across and his papers were not that readable.

Today, his teacher showed me his Freshman Project that he's working on, which is still definitely a draft, but the improvement to his skills are easily visible none the less. The first paragraph was easy to read; it flowed well, and had a very distinctive voice to it. Certainly, the teacher had marked up his paper something fierce, but it was far above where he had been.

The frustration comes from the continued lack of effort on his part for learning the boring, rote skills of math, and by that, I mean the fact he doesn't do his homework. *sigh*

It is a work in progress and progress is happening, but I know he can do so much more.
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I think I might have.

Previous arguments and discussions to get the Boy to do his math homework has been fraught with failures like bodies lying along the road. Being able to do cool things like going to Nero/Alliance? Nada. Offering to pay for said events? Nope, that didn't work either. Being able graduate from high school? Nope, no effect. Reiterating that he'd have to do the math class again? This seems to have gotten some traction. We'll see how this holds up...
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...we bought the boy a cell phone for an early Yule present. Why so early when Sammhain hasn't even passed yet? Well, we needed a hold over phone for [livejournal.com profile] gypsiequeen to use while we waited for the warranty replacement for her phone to come in. Well, the replacement is in and the Boy has been briefed on the rules. Now we're getting him all of the numbers he needs.

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] markts, what mobile carrier do you use?

Okay, now it's time to go home and sew.
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Today, the Boy, the Girly Girl, and I were working in the backyard, reclaiming it from the Creepers. The Creepers are the Axis of Yard Evil: Ivy, Himalayan Black Berry Bushes, and Over Zealous Concord Grapes.

Truth be told, the grapes weren't that much of problem as it's still early in the easy, but we mowed down a lot of ivy with the weed-whacker and attacked many black berry canes, cutting them down at the root.

As a reward for the kids, I picked some fresh cherries from the older tree. Watching the Girly Girl dealing with cherry pits for the first time was certainly amusing. :)

Now it's time to read another chapter of Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, though I don't think the Girly Girl and I will be finishing them all through book 6 in time for Deathly Hallows.

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